Friday, December 28, 2012

How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

January is always a fresh time to fine tune online marketing habits. One good place to start is the social media editorial calendar.

You remember, that file you started last year and haven’t opened since? On the flipside it could be a daily master plan that you did follow that made your analytics go through the success roof. In the latter case, maybe it is a do-over or just a yearly update.

The Power of the Written Word and Social Media

How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

How can the power of the written word impact your social media editorial calendar? Research shows that people who write down goals, share that information with a friend, and send weekly updates to that friend are 33 percent more successful in accomplishing goals than those who merely formulated goals.

If you consider your colleagues, subscribers, prospects, and clients as “friends” – think about the power of a written and organized social media editorial calendar ...

Originally designed for books, magazines, and newspapers, editorial calendars have been around for centuries and are the lifeline to successful publishing. Today’s editorial calendar takes into account web content, company press releases, blogs, social media news network postings in the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube as well as email marketing plans and PPC, should also wrap into traditional marketing campaigns.

Editorial calendars bridge together content and themes for social media and beyond:
  • Blogs
  • Online newsrooms
  • Social media network messaging 
  • Events
  • Email campaigns
  • Video
  • Offers
  • Promotions and sweepstakes
  • Web pages
  • PPC

Social Media Editorial Calendar Benefits

Social media editorial calendars create a cohesive layer to a content strategy that bridges the benefits of:
  • Accountability: Put it in writing where everyone can see it, touch it and live it. 
  • Commitment: Stamp a date on it, chances are, you will get it done. 
  • Accomplishment: Checking it off the list feels sooooo good and also ties back to accountability. 
  • Planning: Big picture first, start at the year, month, week and day. 
  • Creativity: Mapping out the topics first will help free up space for creativity and inspiration. 
  • Trends: Tie in the topics with keyword research and boost the SEO strategy. 
  • Measurement: Watching the results in growth and also what is popular in content via tools such as Google Analytics will give you valuable information for future editorial ideas.


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