Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Followers of Top 100 Brands on Google+ Grow 9,400%

Google+ is establishing itself as the mainstream social network for top brands with a 9,400 percent increase in followers since 2011, according to a report by BrightEdge.

The ‘Social Share' report tracked social media adoption trends for the BrandZ top 100 global brands including Apple, Google, IBM, BMW, Red Bull, and Samsung. The report also provided insights into how YouTube is performing as a social network.

"Google+ and YouTube have established themselves firmly in the mainstream of social networking. A majority of the top 100 brands- three quarters- have active profiles. As more brands engage users, we expect to see those who are unconvinced to shake off reservations and establish a strong Google+ presence," said Jim Yu, BrightEdge founder and CEO.

Among the findings, the top 100 brands on Google+ now boast 20.9 million fans – up from just 222,000 in 2011. Of these, the top 10 account for four out of five followers.

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